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Sales Brokerage

Sales Brokerage

Houses, apartments, plots, warehouses, farms

Whenever you need to buy or sell a property, whether house, apartment, farm, you have our commitment to reach a positive and realistic result based on professional and honest negotiations.

We maintain close communication between all parties that allows us to understand the expectations and interests of each client, we conducted a professional appraisal of the property and carefully analyze the changing real estate market performance considering the situation of supply and real demand prevailing local and national level.

Rental Brokerage

Rental Brokerage

Houses, apartments, warehouses, condos

We also offer advice to the owner regarding the actual market price for rentals, in order to maximize your income according to the property in the shortest possible time.

To obtain successful results and to avoid waste of time, G&S offers its customers the option of a service called Conditioning of Properties.

Farms for sale

Farms for sale

Farms and Ranches in Uruguay

Farm Sale and Rural Management

Our staff is trained and experienced in the rural sector to successfully and honestly develop this task. Providing comprehensive support to anyone who wants to buy land in Uruguay, whether nationals, foreigners or companies wishing to acquire land for various purposes: agriculture, tourists developments, home, livestock, forestry. We provide extensive information regarding the technical and agronomic characteristics of all the establishments we have for sale.

We offer our clients all the legal, accounting, tax and agronomic support through coordination with professional teams of great experience and responsibility in each of these areas.

Consultancy and Property Advice

Consultancy and Property Advice

Consultancy and Property Advice

We advise all our customers, whether to buy / sell or rent any property. So, to all those who want to invest their money in Uruguayan lands (farms, ranches, estancias, plots). We look for opportunities, accompany and advise throughout the process.

Effectively identify market needs and investment opportunities, then with specialists in each area, we help to carry out the project.

Conditioning of Properties

Conditioning of Properties

Optional Services

We also provide value added services. We have a department called Conditioning of Properties where we offer our customers the option of getting the best possible condition of the property in order to be occupied as soon as possible. To carry out this service, we entrust this task to an interdisciplinary group of experts with extensive experience in their respective areas so that the property remains in good conditions in the shortest possible time.

Group of technicians specialized in:

? Masonry
? Carpentry
? Electricity
? Gardening
? Cleaning
? Painting
? Plumbing
? Others

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Servicios básicos
LUZ - Administración Nacional de Usinas y Transmisiones Eléctricas (UTE) www.ute.com.uy
TELEFONÍA - Administración Nacional de Telecomunicaciones (ANTEL) www.antel.com.uy
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Sistema de Salud Privado
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Medicina Personalizada - www.mp.com.uy 

Equipamiento para el Hogar
Barraca Europa - www.barracaeuropa.com.uy
Divino - www.divino.com.uy
Nelson Sobrero - www.nelsonsobrero.com.uy

Duplicado por Tributo - Intendencia Municipal de Montevideo

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